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Credential Renewal Request

Please complete the required information. Your minister credential renewal request will be subject to approval by the Across Conference Board, based on the IPHC Handbook guidelines.

Ministerial credentials will be sent by regular mail during the month of November 2023.

General Guidelines for Ministers

It shall be the duty of ordained and licensed ministers to participate in all phases of the church program—general, conference, and local.  All ordained and licensed ministers are amenable to the conference, conference superintendent, and Conference Executive Council.  Ordained and licensed ministers not serving as officials or senior pastors should use their spiritual gifts and ministries to help build the church.

Ordained and licensed ministers are expected to attend conference-sponsored activities. Ordained and licensed ministers are expected to preach God’s Word consistently with their calling and credentials. Ordained and licensed ministers must maintain ministerial activity to retain credentials.

Ordained and licensed ministers are expected to tithe monthly to their conferences on all income from both ministerial and secular sources. Income for these purposes includes, but is not limited to, salary, housing allowance, utilities paid by a church, and honoraria.

Credential Renewal Request

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